Bombarde by Lucien Lot-£160

A very nice bombarde, labelled ‘L N Lot, Garrenes. Eure, France’. It appears to be made from a light fruitwood, probably pear.

Lucien Lot was a mid-century maker of woodwind instruments, prinicpally recorders, working in the Norman village of Garennes-sur-Eure.

When this came into my posession, I assumed it was another example of a model of bombarde that is made in huge numbers in Pakistan (one of which I have in stock), however closer inspection revealed the maker’s name. In fact, so close is the similarity between them that I wonder whether the design for the ubiquitous Pakistani instruments wasn’t taken from one of Mr. Lot’s pieces.

Some wear to the finish, the varnish on the bell was so bad that I have had to sand it back and re-oil it. The plastic mounts are a little discoloured.

It is playing well and seems to want to be in A at A=440, the key is working and the pad sealing nicely.

31 cm long.


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