Boyd Reed Organ/Harmonium-£250

A small English reed organ from the late 19th/early 20th century in a solid oak case. 39 keys giving a range of just over three octaves starting from the 2nd F below middle C (F2). It has one set of brass reeds, all of which are in place and working well, and a knee operated volume lever.

I have replaced the gaskets inside with new leather ones, patched some small holes in the bellows with tape, and replaced a missing black key top with one from an old piano. The bellows are a little air-hungry but it plays nicely. The finish to the exterior is faded in places, with plenty of scratches and knocks, but nothing structural.

It is currently in old pitch, playing about 15 cents flat of A440 (modern standard pitch). I have not touched the tuning but it’s playing reasonably well in tune with itself. Time allowing, I could give it a touch tune to bring it better in tune with itself, or raise the pitch to A440 for a fee.

The reeds themselves are incredibly good, and about as responsive as brass reeds can be, speaking easily with a warm and surprisingly strident tone. The late, great Ivor Cutler can be seen playing this same model here.

82cm tall, 75cm wide


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