Flat-top mandolin-£130

I have come across several of these over the years. They are made in Rhegin, Romania and seem to vary somewhat in quality. An old friend once had a really nice one once so I felt inspired to get this one working as well as possible.

When it arrived, there was a problem with the intonation as the distance from the nut to the first fret was much too large. Someone had attempted to put a zero-fret in but this had not solved the problem. In the end I cut down the fingerboard and put in a new nut and it is now playing in tune. The unfortunate result is that there is now a slightly unnatractive patch above the nut where the fingerboard used to sit. I have also replaced a section of the ebony capping on the bridge.

It’s now playing well and sounds great. It has a fairly large body and a cleverly constructed, slightly curved back.


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