John Alvey Turner Zither Banjo-£250

A very attractive and well preserved zither banjo made by or for the John Alvey Turner company. The Bishopsgate address would put it’s date of manufacture some time before 1908.

It’s in good cosmetic condition. The pot has some wear to the back, a small piece of veneer missing, and there are two holes where it looks like someone attached some hangers for a strap.

There is a little wear to the first few frets but there’s plenty of life left in them. There is also a slight backwards curve to the neck which means I cannot get the action as low as I’d like, but it is not obsenely high and the instrument is very playable.

The head-tensioning mechanism is working well and the tuners are in good condition.

Scale length 66.5cm, overall length 92cm 8.5″ head set in an 11.5″pot