Tenor Viol by Dominic Shan £750

Made in the 1980s by Dominic Shan of Brighton, this is a slightly posher version of the student viols listed elsewhere on this site, being made from solid timbers and having traditional friction pegs.

There are a few scratches here and there and a small split by one of the C-holes which has been stabilised (see last photo). The seams are all tight, however one of the ribs is slightly misalligned, leading to a very minor protrusion out from under the back (see last photo).

It came to me with steel strings on. Those that were there I have left on, and I have replaced the others with similar. It could of course be restrung with gut. I have refretted it with nylon monofilament.

It is currently playing very nicely, with good projection and excellent tone. The action is perhaps a little on the high side, this could be adjusted on request.

This is being sold without a bow or case, however I have a 1/2 size cello hardcase which fits it fairly well and which I could sell for an additional £80. I also have a good, non-adjustable bow that I could sell for a further £50


Scale length:510mm, overall length: 910mm, length of back: 490mm


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