Treble Viol by Dominic Shan-£400

This instrument was made in Brighton in the 1980s as part of a set of viols for a community music group, all of them being fitted with guitar tuners as opposed to the traiditional friction pegs.

It has a carved spruce top and everything else is made from maple or sycamore. It is a very well made thing and is playing very nicely. There are a number of small dings and scratches and the bridge seems to have been bitten a dog, but is soldiering on regardless.

It is fitted with a remarkable device that allows you to adjusts the neck angle with the turn of a screw in the heel. When it came into my posession it was fitted with steel violin strings and I have replaced these with similar ones, mainly to keep the cost down. It is playing very nicely with these fitted. I have also tied a new set of nylon frets on it.


Scale length 325mm (same as a 4/4 violin)


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