Zamar, Morocco-£90

Research would suggest that this is a Zamar, a double hornpipe played by the Berbers of Morocco (and presumbaly in neighbouring countries). The two identical, unison-tuned cane chanters are played simultaniously, with the reeds left to vibrate freely in the player’s mouth.

Interestingly, the name ‘A. Keith’ has been burned into the back of the instrument and it is so close in appearance to the one illustrated in Anthony Baines’ book ‘Bagpipes’, that I wonder if it wasn’t made in this country by the mysterious A. Keith themselves.

It is missing its reeds. I’ve tried it with one from a Turkish sipsi and both chanters are sounding well. When I can source the proper size cane I’ll make some new reeds for it. I have repaired a small crack in one of the chanters and covered it with a leather patch for good measure.


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