Since my early teens, I have been fascinated with musical instruments. In the ten or so years since leaving university, I have enjoyed a varied career as a singer and multi-instrumentalist specialising in English folk music, and in this capacity I have performed solo as a singer of English folk songs, played extensively for dancing, and have worked in the theatre as an actor musician, composer and musical director.

Throughout this time, many instruments have passed through my hands and I have become known amongst musician friends as someone who may have an instrument for sale, or might otherwise know where one can be found. In late 2020, with the covid-19 pandemic slowing down my usual activities, I decided to dedicate a little more time to this aspect of my work and make this website.

The instruments listed here come from various sources, some have been part of my personal collection, others have been picked up at auctions or from antiques dealers, and some may be being sold on behalf of musician friends of mine. In each instance, I have endeavoured to give a frank and honest description of the quality of the instrument and the condition it is in. I have chosen not to faciltate online purchases on this site, but you can use the contact form if you wish to buy any of the instruments. I’m always very happy to discuss your needs and advise wherever necessary.