Appalachian Dulcimer-£190

A nice Appalachian dulcimer from the second half of the 20th century.

It has a slightly homespun quality, but is solidly built. One of the braces had come off when it came to me, so I’ve had to remove the back in order to replace it. It is now glued up, however the glue used seems not to have been traditional hide glue, meaning there are a couple of spots where it didn’t come off as cleanly as one would like.

It has a very charming carved dog’s head in what looks like walnut. The rest of the timbers used are fairly eccentric, including bits of mahogany, beech and what looks like oak for the back.

The wooden friction pegs are working well but I could replace them with geared tuners at additional cost.

It plays well and sounds lovely.

Scale length: 74cm, overall length: 114cm


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