Eight-Course Lute-£450

An eight-course renaissance style lute, made in Pakistan with a spruce fingerboard and rosewood ribs, neck and pegbox.

I bought this lute many years ago to use in a theatrical production. The original friction pegs were poorly fitted and eventually ended up putting a split in the pegbox. The cost of rebuilding the pegbox seemed too high given the quality of the instrument, so I have fitted it with geared tuners in order to try and give it a second life. I’ve also raised the action to make it playable by adding a piece of maple to the original bridge (see photos) and repaired a crack in the soundboard. There are some further cracks to the rosette but this is only really a cosmetic issue.

There are some strings missing in the photos but these will be put back on before it’s sold. Comes with an EMS box case.

Overall it’s no great beauty and would horrify most early musicians but may now represent an inexpensive and practical first instrument for an aspiring lutenist.

Scale length 59cm


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