German violin, unlabelled-£450

An interesting old German fiddle, unlabelled. The top and sides appear to be old (late 18th/early19th), with the back seemingly a later replacement.

There are several historic repairs, most significantly an old crack on the top, to the right of the fingerboard, and another crack in one of the ribs. Both are stable now though. Some of the corners are a little less protrusive than perhaps they once were.

The varnish on the top/sides appears to be original and has a wonderful patina to it. It has an ebony fingerboard, rosewood pegs which are working well and an ebony tailpiece with one adjuster. It is currently fitted with dominant strings.

It plays well, the bottom end is lacking some volume and definintion but the top end sings very nicely. Would be a good folk fiddle or a good violin for someone moving up from a beginners instrument.


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