Hohner Club IV Melodeon in CF-£200

A lovely big Hohner melodeon in original club tuning.

It’s in CF with three sets of treble reeds tuned MMM (musette). The tuning is far from perfect, but it is basically playing alright if you don’t mnd things a littlle rough. A few reeds are not sounding here and there, but I’m leaving it more or less as I found it as the value of the instrument is not worth me restoring it speculatively.

Could be a good instrument for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the shallow end of melodeon restoration.

It doesn’t have a case, but I’ll put some new straps on it.

This instrument is being sold on behalf of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust, who were left it by the late Adrian Hilton, former squire of Chingford Morris.

Aprrox. 5 KG, 34cmx31cmx21cm.


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