Hungarian 16.5″ Viola-£250

A tatty but decent viola, made in Hungary in 1966.

I bought this about 10 years ago from a school music department and have made abortive attempts to try and play it over the years. I feel it is now time it was passed on to someone else.

In terms of quality, it is typical of the kinds of well-made student instruments that were being produced in Central Europe at the time. The timbers used are all good and it has been made in a traditional way.

There are a few cosmetic issues, most notably a large patch of wear to the varnish on the back. There is also a slightly open looking seam (between the ribs by the endpin) where it has been inexpertly glued back together (by me aged 21). This seems stable though. There are lots of scratches and scrapes.

It is playing well, and would be a good instrument for a fiddle player looking for a first viola.

16.5 inch back, scale length is 400mm (15.5″)


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