Moeck ‘Meisterstück’ treble (alto) recorder-£90

A very good German-made alto/treble recorder from Moeck probably 1980s/90s.

This one is maple with white plastic mounts. This instrument has clearly been played a lot in its life and the wear to the varnish and discolouration of the mounts reflect this. However the woodwork is in excellent condition and the instrument has clearly been well looked after.

There is a crack in one of the mounts and the mount of the bottom joint has clearly been filed down on both sides (probably so it would fit in the box, see third to last photo).

The fingering system seems to be baroque. I’ve have re-oiled the bore and it is now playing beautifully, with a particularly nice tone.

The previous owner has attached a thumb rest at the back. I can of course remove this if required.


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