Musima Banjolele-£120

Though it may lack the good looks of older, British-made instruments this little banjolele actually plays very well and has a lovely bright tone.

Musima was an East-German company, formed as a co-operative in 1952, that produced thousands of instruments in the second half of the 20th century. This example probably dates from the 1970s .

The wooden parts seem to be made mostly from beech, which is not a timber commonly used in instrument making, but it all works well and sounds great.

The head is original and in good condition and it has a resonator which is detachable (though not easily). it came to me without a bridge and none of the bridges I had in were tall enough so I have used a cut-down violin bridge which is working very nicely.

Scale length: 340mm, overall length: 600mm, 9″ head.


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