Straight Cornettino in C-£380

A one-piece straight cornett in maple, made by Otto Steinkopf.

Steinkopf (1904-1980) was a prolific maker of early woodwinds. Working in Germany, he sold his plans to Moeck in 1964, meaning this instrument was probably made some time before then.

Unlike most cornetts that have six finger holes and one thumb hole, this has seven fingerholes and no thumbhole, meaning the fundamental is acheived witht the right hand little finger.

There is a small crack at the top of the instrument (see photo). This has been stabilised, plus this section is lined with cork to accept the mouthpiece so there is no loss of air. The RH little finger hole has been tuned with wax. There are several small scratches, as well as areas of wear to the varnish.

The mouthpiece appears to be original, turned from plastic and in good condition.

It is playing very nicely at A=440

53cm long.


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