Thibouville-Lamy Simple System Clarinet -£300

An gorgeous simple/Albert system clarinet in the key of B, made in France by the Jerome Thibouville-Lamy company. African blackwood with silver-plated keys.

Genuinely one of the nicest clarinets I’ve ever played, it has a full and buttery tone and speaks very easily across its range. Modern boehm system clarinet players will make do with Bb and an A usually, but B natural was not an uncommon key for simple system clarinets.

All keys working though some are a little stiff to move when first picking it up. It could do with a repad some time soon but is playable as it is. Two small hairline cracks, one in the barrel and one at the top of the bottom joint, neither penatrate very far. I’ve replaced the tenon corks.


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