Boxwood Clarinet by Gerock, 1830s-£850

A six-key, boxwood clarinet marked ‘C. Gerock 79 Cornhill London’. Chrisotpher Gerock was a German instrument maker who settled in London in the early 19th century. The company name on this instrument would put the year of manufacture somewhere between 1832 and 1837.

It is in exceptionally good condition, with no cracks in the wood, and only one split in one of the ivory rings (top of bell, see photos). I have re-lapped the joints with waxed linen thread and repadded five of the six keys, all of which are now sealing well.

It is nominally in the key of B. There is no original mouthpiece and the tenon on a modern Bb mouthpiece is too large to fit the barrel, however a modern Eb mouthpiece with a little lapping around it fits snugly enough. With this set up it is playing very well and ends up being pitched at around a modern Bb (A440).

Overall length: 60cm


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